MST-SOS2 Firefly Multi-Function Emergency Car Jump Starter for Cars & Phone

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Multi-function Emergency Car Jump Starter Auto Start Emergency Battery Firefly MST- SOS2Phone Emergency charger Firefly MST-SOS2
Auto Jump Start Emergency Battery Firefly MST-SOS2
MST-SOS2 Handheld Emergency Supply for Phone & Car
MST-SOS2 Firefly Multi-Function Emergency Car Jump Starter for Cars & Phone

Product Description:

With the popularity of electronic products and function, the power consumption become more and more big , the requirements of the battery also more and more high, especially in mobile phones industry. Standby time become one of the important selling point.
Due to the limitation of the volume and weight, the battery long stand by problem is difficult to resolve. How to make your mobile phone realize long standby during business trip,traveling and without power outdoor? 
The rise of the automobile industry and popularity of the automobile,traffic jam,long distance driving,traveling outdoors, car battery not electric and some times car can not start, how to resolve all those problems?

MST - SOS2 can help you achieve all of this.

MST-SOS2 Highlights:
1. Easy to use. This one can directly connect to your mobile phone by USB for charging. You can charge your phone easily, general use 2000mHA battery cell phone, MST-SOS2 can give 3-5 phones full electricity.
2. Provide emergency Jump start for your car. You do not have to worry your car battery do not have long stand by time now. Use MST-SOS2 you can take it easy. 
3. We provide instruction in package teach you how to use this tool.

MST-SOS2 Function:
Charge the common mobile phone, and other 5 v, 12 v, 19 v electronic product. It can be used as a lighting and warning distress lamp as automobile starter emergency starter.

1. Battery Capacity:6600mah/3.6v
2. it can not charge laptop.

MST-SOS2 Package list:
1pc x Mainfrome
1pc x AC Adapter
1pc x Cell phone usb cable
1pc x Sony Ericsson mobile phone joint
1pc x Mini USB Joint
1pc x Samsung mobile phone charge joint
1pc x iPhone mobile phone charge joint
1pc x Mini USB Joint
1pc x Nokia Mobile phone charge joint
1pc x Emergency Restarter plug
1pc x Cigar lighter charger

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