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V2015.09MB STAR compact C4 日本語対応

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32CM*22CM*18CM     ( Inch: 12.6*8.66*7.09 )
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このMB Star C4はどのPCで使えます。外付けHDDが付いています。

MB STAR compact C4


MB STAR compact C4 Highlights:

1. Multi-Languages:Japanese,English, French, Croatian, Italian,  Russian, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finish,  Greek, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese
2. MB STAR C4 Version: 2015.09
3. Update: update via hard disk. You are offered to buy newest software hdd alone after newer software come out
4. Z-TEK USB1.1 to RS232 Convert Connector is included in the package now, you can use Mb Star C4 on any computer even without COM port
Benz Star C4 Description: 
MB Star Compact 4 is the lately updated professional diagnostic equipment for Mercedes Benz cars manufactured after year 2000.
Its shape is different from Compact3 with smaller size and lighter weight. C4 is the replacement of Compact3-Star which can do all the works that Compact3 does .
C4 operates based on the Windows XP system, it includes workshops information system(WIS system), the movement management system and the automatically diagnose system(the DAS system) .
C4 STAR works with original computer (COMPACT3) via both of RS232 and 485 protocol. Power can be supplied to original computer (COMPACT3) via the cables. Compact3 star can diagnose varied cars, trucks, buses of Mercedes Benz making.

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Package list:
1.1pc x C4 本体
2.1pc x 14 ピンコネクタ
3.1pc x 16ピンコネクタ
4.1pc x OBD2 ケーブル
5.1pc x 4 ピンコネクタ
6.1pc x 14 ピンコネクタ
7.1pc x ケーブル
8.1pc x 38 ピンコネクタ
9.1pc x HDD

Q: What is the difference between MB Star Compact C4 and old mb star c3?
A: MB Star Compact C4 can do benz truck very well, solve the problem that can not do benz truck for the old mb star c3. And it also can do new types benz cars.
Q: What is the difference between mb star c3 and mb star c4?
A: For the functions,the c3 and c4 are almost the same,they all have 2 verions for the hardisk, one is for IBM T30 laptop,and the other is fit for all the computer.
The software is all included on the hardisk, it is ok that you just install the software on your computer.
But for the anti-interupting ability, c4 is stronger than c3. It means when c4 tests cars, it is hard to influence by the environment outside,
such as magnetic field, noise and so on. From the appearance, the volume of c4 is smaller than c3.
In short, they are almost the same good quality and functions; it is up to you to choose which one is youre best wanted.
Q:Can it do CDI sprinter diagnostis ?
A:Yes,it is ok for benz models.
Q: Which MB Star software should I choose?
A: We supply three model software: External HDD, Dell D630 HDD, T30 HDD, the difference among them is:
1)Operation system:
External HDD can work on both windows xp and windows 7
T30 and Dell D630 HDD coming with windows xp programmer
External HDD need to work on Virtual Machine, T30 and Dell D630 HDD do not need VMWARE
3) Installation
External HDD: customer need to install the software by yourself; T30 and Dell D630 HDD: software is pre-installed in HDD, you just need to plug the HDD to your computer, it is ok
4) Speed
T30 run more slowly than Dell D630 HDD and External HDD; as the External HDD need to run on VMWARE, it may run little slow, if the configuration of your computer is not high
Q: How can I activate this item?
A: Customers send the following ID similar as below:
Epc: 0014BF41E5BA
Das: BCF4-A2D4
Star utility xentry: 514DC0E4E23D
Just send data to us then we will activate it for you.

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