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Foxwell NT520 Multi-System Scanner Firmware Updated Version of NT510 Free Update Online&日本語対応

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  1. Foxwell NT520 PRO is a device for the small workshop or demanding hobbyists. It is a unique tool that delivers OE-level diagnosis for different car brands and supports the most commonly required service features.

Foxwell NT520 Multi-System Scanner Firmware Updated Version of NT510 Free Update Online

Delicatedly developed by the most distinguished experts in this industry,
NT520 multi-system scanner is the most effective professional scan tool in the industry.
It is a unique tool that delivers OE-level diagnosis for different car brands and supports the most commonly reuqired service features.

Available applications are Mercedes-Benz, Acura, Alfa Romeo,Abarth, Audi, AU Ford, BMW,
Chrysler, Fiat, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Holden, Jaguar, KIA, Lancia,Lexus, Land rover, Maserati, Mini,
Toyota, Opel, Rolls-Royce Scion, Seat, Skoda,VAxuhall,VW,Porsche,Mazda, Ferrari, Aston Martin and more

Foxwell NT520 Features and Benefits:

   Compatible with both OBDI and OBDII vehicles
   Work on the latest 2016/2017 models
   Get access to powertrain, chassis and body system
   Quick Test function to test most vehicle systems
   Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and reset MIL of all systems
   Request and record live sensor data
   Merge and view 2 parameter graphs simultaneously
   Dispplay free frame data
   Retrieve ECU information
   Key coding for several vehicles
   Run component/system bi-directional tests
   Support advanced functions such as adaptations and control module coding
   Support the most commonly required service features like brake deactivation, service reset etc
   Upgrable to cover other car makes
   Multi-language menus and code definition for and international makertplace
   TF memonry card for data backup and softare update
   As easy as 1-2-3 witrh large TFT color screen and men-driven opeartions
   Ergonomic design and ruggedly built for both shop and road testes
   Optimize the upgrade method to allow users to update the scanner via USB connection instead of SD card.

Foxwell NT520 Scanner Function List:

  Engine Check
  Oil Reset
  EPB(electrical park brake)
  OBDII Diagnosis
  ABS(anti lock brake system)
  Automatic transmission
  SAS(steering angle sensor system)
  ASR(acceleration slip regulation)
  Read Codes
  Freeze Frame Data
  Erase Codes
  ECU Information
  Live Data
  Custome List
  Active Test
  Advanced ID

Foxwell NT520 Scannerd Description


1 Diagnostic Port - provides connection between the scan tool and vehicle.
2 LCD Display - shows menus, test results and operation tips.
3 Function Keys / Shortcut keys - three keys that correspond with “buttons” on some screensfor  executing special commands or provide quick access to most frequently used applications or functions.
4 Direction Keys - select an option or scroll through a screen of data or text.
5 ENTER Key – executes a selected option and generally goes to the next screen.
6 BACK Key – exits a screen and returns to previous screen
7 HELP Key – displays helpful information.
8 USB Port– Connect with computer and software updated directly..
9 Memory Card Port – holds the memory card for data backup and software update.


Foxwell NT520 Vehicle Models List:

After buying the diagnostic scanner is registered online. One software brand is included in the purchase. You can choose between:

  • VW/Seat/Audi/Skoda

  • AU Ford

  • EU Ford

  • BMW

  • Austin Martin

  • Ferrari

  • Maserati

  • Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep

  • Fiat

  • GM

  • Honda

  • Hyundai

  • Mazda

  • Holden

  • Land Rover

  • Opel

  • Toyota

  • Porsche

  • Volvo

  • Mercedes Benz

The diagnostic scanner can be extended with costs by another car.

Foxwell NT520 Update Guide:

  The scanner can be updated to keep you stay current with the latest development of diagnosis.
  This section illustrates how to register and update your scanner.
  To update your scanner, please follow the three steps as below:
  Step1: Obtain an FOXWELL ID.
  Step2: Register the product with the product serial number and product password.
  Step3: Update the product by the update application FoxScanner.
  To be able to use FoxScanner, PC or laptop must meet the following minimum requirements:
     ● Operation System: Win98/NT, Win ME, Win2000, Win XP, VISTA and Windows 7.
     ● CPU: Intel PⅢ or better
     ● RAM: 64MB or better
     ● Hard Disk Space: 30MB or better
     ● Display: 800*600 pixel, 16 byte true color display or better
     ● Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer
NOTE:Before registration and updating, please make sure your network works correctly.If you have already had a Foxwell ID,
just click the Sign in link at the top right of the website to log in. Alternatively, Visit our site www.foxwelltech.com and go the Product page.
Find your product model and click it to view the product profile. Select Download tab to download the PC application file. Please refer to 10.1.2 for details.

Foxwell NT520 Specifications:

   Working Temperature:           0 to 60 ° C(32 to 140℉)
   Storage temperature:             -20 to 70 ° C(-4 to 158℉)
   External Power:                       8-18 volts powered by vehicle battery
   Display:                                    2.8" TFT color screen
   Operating temperature:        0 to 60 ° C
   Storage temperature:            -20 to 70 ° C
   Dimensions:                          145*94*32mm
   Color Box:                                220*85*165mm (L*W*H)
   Weight:                                    0.9KG
   QTY/CTN:                                30SETS
   Weight/CTN:                           28KG
   CTN MEAS:                             456*442*515mm

Foxwell NT520 Package Included:

  NT520 Multi-system scan tool
  User Manual
  Memory Card
  USB cable
  Nylon carry pouch

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