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Super iCOM V2017.8 SSD WIN8.1 Software for BMW ICOM A2 オンライン更新

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Super iCOM is one of the best after-market software for BMW diagnostic, coding, programming in the world, it is also an up-to-date software for online upgrade directly, software installed based on Windows® 8.1 64Bit OS, fit for most of the laptops/ PC in the market with SATA port.
Super iCOM Version Software for BMW ICOM/ICOM A2 Support Update Online Fit All Sata Latops 

Super iCOM Software Highlights:
1.Super iCom software support multi-languages (with full repair article and Wiring diagram):
   ISTA D:British English, American English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch,Russian
   ISTA-P: British English, American English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch,Russian
2. It is latest software version, V2017.8
    ISTA-D 4.03.31 
3. Software support update online, one year for free. You can use update tool update software on www.supericom.com
     Update cost after one year: One day=30.00USD  365 Days=300.00USD (after your payment, we will offer your password )

4. Super iCom software support all SATA format laptop or computer which has 2GB(Recommend 4GB) memory. You do not have to buy specific laptop, more convenient.

5. Software is preinstalled. Software come with USB Key, no need active, one button click operation, very easy for use.

Super iCOM software is 100% fully functions as the dealer workshop use, including BMW Group ISTA, BMW Group ISTA-P,
BMW Group ISPI Local path, Super iCOM updater v1.0, Super iCOM SN Reader, iToolRadar, etc.Super iCOM software platform use ISPI NEXT which is the latest platform developed by BMW AG.

Hardware Requirements:
CPU: Intel Celeron 2.0 and above (i5 Recommend)
RAM: 2Gb and above (4Gb Recommend)
USB: 2.0 and above

Features of Super iCOM:
Upgrade the ISTA-D Software till the latest version
Upgrade the ISTA-D Software till the latest version
Rebuild the ISTA-P Launcher to V3.0

Fix the bug of full screen when using ISTA-P
Fix the bug of full screen when using ISTA-D
Fix the ISTA-P Launcher quit error
Fix the dealer information is ISTA-P/ ISTA/D

Add full languages selection options internal ISTA-P
Add brands selection options internal ISTA-P
Add the ISTA-P Launcher start waiting screen
Add the ISTA-P Launcher close waiting screen
Add the Campagna Motors in ISTA-D
Add BMW / BMW Motorcycle / BMW i / BMW Mini / Rolls-Royce / BMW UX selection options internal ISTA-P

Optimize the ISTA-D / ISTA/P starting speed
Optimize the Windows 8.1 first time start configuration speed
Optimize the Windows 8.1 Touch screen / Tablet drivers
Optimize Expert Mode coding / programming speed

Super iCOM Software display:

Package List:
1pc x 160G SSD
1pc x USB KEY

Customer share:

Q: How many years of free updating can we enjoy?
A: Super iCOM provides one year free update online service.

Q: How to upgrade my software via Internet?
A: You need use the SUPER ICOM Updater V1.0 by inputting the serial number and password (the last 8 number of serial number is the password on the Password paper), after login you can choose the new version to download, the software will be updated and installed automatically.

Q: What else shall I do before using this item?
A:Super iCOM software operation is very simple, just insert the SSD / HDD into laptop and power on, and connect the hardware to work with car directly, no need setting anything.

Q: How can I renew the account if expired?
A:Account renew is also very simple, just contact with your local dealer, they will provide you the renew ID and password after your payment.

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